DIY Baby Girl Rhinestones Card

DIY Baby Girl Rhinestones Card

Make an adorable greeting card for a couple who have been blessed with a daughter!

What you need

5″ by 7″ folded white greeting card with envelope
Pink and white ribbon about .5″ thick
5″ by 7″ pink with polka dots scrapbook sheet of paper
White and Pink rhinestones
Mini board paper craft letters “Baby Girl”
3D foam dots 1/16″ thin (used instead of tape)
Craft stick glue


First, after folding your greeting card, carefully glue on the pink with polka dots scrapbook sheet onto your greeting card. Now, apply the ribbon on the top, about .5″ below the edge of the card.

You may use your 3D foam dots to stick the ribbon onto your card.

After opening your mini board paper craft letters box, make sure you have all the letters needed to spell “baby girl”. Once you have found each letter, you may again use your 3D foam dots to stick the letters onto your card.

Make sure each letter has the same amount of space in between, and make sure the letters aren’t leaning to the right or to the left.

The letters need to be carefully placed right in the middle of your card.

Your card is almost ready, but you need to stick your rhinestones on to complete your card.

Once you have put the 3D foam dots on the back of your rhinestones, you may place them anywhere you would like on your card. Remember to be creative and don’t place them too close to each other.

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