DIY Upcycled Snowman

DIY Upcycled Snowman

This Christmas craft is for an adorable little snowman made from upcycled yoghurt containers

What you need

Yoghurt container
Ribbon (optional)
cardstock for hat


For this craft project, you can complete your Christmas snowman a few different ways. You can decide which way to make your snowman based on the age group of the children you are making this with.

For both versions, you will need to remove the label from the yoghurt containers.

The white snowman is made by pouring some white paint inside the bottle and rolling it around till the inside is coated. Alternatively, if you are making a lot of these you can spray paint the outside with a spray paint.

The snowman’s features can be added with paint or by marker pens, I prefer to use marker pens when doing small work.

You could use wobbly eyes and foam if that is preferred by your crafting group.

The other version is to fill the container with poly balls, I do not recommend this for children under 3 as they are a choking hazard.

This kids craft was created by DeJean. L who is a member of our Facebook Christmas craft group. Thanks for sharing with us DeJean.






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