Mother’s Day Craft: Handy Hand Print Towel

Mother’s Day Craft: Handy Hand Print Towel

These hands towels are great fun for all ages to make and are prefect for school fetes. Use small face washer cloths which can be bought from discount stores.

What you need

Assorted fabric paints
Hand towel
Foam brush
Paper towels


Start by pre-washing and drying your Hand towel. You can use a terry towelling towel or a fine weave linen towel.

Place some cardboard behind the towel to prevent the paint from bleeding through and to also give you something to press against.

Pour some of the fabric paint out onto the plastic tray, just a small amount at this stage.

Place some paint onto the foam brush and brush it onto your hand or the child’s hand.

Place the hand over the area you want to paint and then quickly and firmly press the hand down into place. Apply an even pressure to make sure all the hand is stamping the fabric.


Rinse or wipe the hands in between each press to prevent any old paint from messing up the design.

Wash the hands completely in between different colors. Continue pressing the hand designs down all over the towel until it is completely covered.

Once it has dried follow the instructions on your fabric paint for setting the paint. This may mean you have to iron the towel or place it into a dryer or simple allow it 48 hours to set.


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