Rustic Pumpkins – Mason Jar Lids

Rustic Pumpkins – Mason Jar Lids

This Halloween or Fall craft tutorial shows you how to make Rustic pumpkins using an upcycled mason jar or canning jar lids.

What you need

20 Canning lids
Orange spray paint
Sticks for the stalk
Craft glue


This Fall or Halloween tutorial is lots of fun to make, it is so easy the kids will love making them too. This tutorial uses spray paint but you could use paint and brush if you were making these Halloween Pumpkins in a classroom setting.

Once you have painted them it’s time to create your Pumpkin.

Using rope and glue tie all the lids together to form a pumpkin shape.

Finish off with a stick for a stalk or a cinnamon stick for a scented pumpkin.

The images used for this tutorial were contributed by Jk Crafty Korner

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