DIY Minimalist Metal Link Anklet

DIY Minimalist Metal Link Anklet

This Jewellery making tutorial shows you how to make your own anklet using basic jewellery making techniques and tools

What you need

–       a pair of chain nose pliers

–       a pair of crimping pliers

–       a jump ring opener

–       2 pieces of black nylon thin cord

–       a metal link

–       a lobster claw clasp

–       2 jump rings

–       2 crimp beads

–       2 fold over cord ends

–       a chain


With only a pair of pliers, some cord and a few metal supplies you can create your own beautiful summer trinket to ornate your bare feet on the beach. Made with thin cord and tiny links, delicate anklets are the perfect gift for your friends as well, because anklets seem to come back into our accessory repertoire.



Duration: 7-8 minutes


Cut the cords to length by measuring them around the ankle and also consider the length of the metal link. Attach the cords to the metal link.

Thread the cord through the crimps on both sides of the link.

Adjust the size of the loop accordingly and push the crimp shut with the crimping pliers.

Cut off the end of the cord to the length and put the end of the cord in the fold over cord ends.

Use the chain nose pliers to push one side of the fold over end down over the cord.

Attach your clasp to the fold over cord end with a jump ring. Open and then close the jump ring with the chain nose pliers and the jump ring opener.

Then attach the second jump ring to the other fold over cord end, also using the chain nose pliers and the jump ring opener. Attach the chain to the jump ring, like this, the clasp has something to clip onto.


Enjoy your handmade cord anklet!”

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