Embellished Tattoo Candles

Embellished Tattoo Candles

Have you ever wanted to customize your candles to suit your party or wedding theme? This tutorial shows you how to use removable tattoo transfers to create an amazing finished DIY candle. This DIY Candle making tutorial shows you how easy it is to make a candle original and unique.

What you need

removable tattoos
Plastic knife
PVA Glue/ white craft glue or modge podge
Paint brush


Start by choosing tattoos that suit your party theme, decor or event. I have gone with a gold temporary tattoo as they are very trendy right now and look amazing on candles.


Make sure your candle is clean. Any dust sitting on the surface will cause the tattoo not to stick.

You need to apply the tattoo in the same way you would to your skin. However you need to use the back of a plastic spoon to really rub the design into the candle wax.  Then apply a small amount of water to the backing paper.


Once you have removed the paper and can see your design allow it to dry.

Apply a thin coat of modge podge, white craft glue (the one that dries clear). I did not coat mine with anything as I intend to use it soon and it has been sitting in hot weather for over a week with no issues thus far.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!