Foam Dice Baseball Room Decor

Foam Dice Baseball Room Decor

This Dollar Tree craft shows you how to transform or hack a foam dice into fun name blocks in a baseball theme.

What you need

Foam Dice

Chalk paint

Red Sharpie Pen

Black Sharpie Pen


Start by taking your foam dice from the dollar tree   , you will need one dice per letter you wish to spell out.

Then begin by painting it with white chalk paint. Don’t be tempted to use spray paint on these as the chemicals in the spray eat into the foam.  You could use a flat acrylic paint also and then seal with a waterbased varnish if you wanted a gloss finish.

Using the red sharpie pens create your stitching, use the photo above as a guide, You may want to practice on some paper first.

This craft was contributed by Jess W. Thanks for sharing Jess, we love your version of the Dollar Tree Dice Hack! it is perfect for a boys or girls bedroom decor.

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