Dollar Tree Pumpkin Frame Ribbon Wreath

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Frame Ribbon Wreath

This Halloween or Fall tutorial shows you how to create a pumpkin door wreath using supplies from a Dollar Tree store.

What you need

Dollar Tree Wreath Frame – Pumpkin
Raffia for Bow
Craft Glue


The design is easy to follow and this image was submitted by Annette F. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful design with us Annette.

Take your wreath form /Frame and either bind your frame with orange twine or ribbon or paint the frame. If you use ribbon it will give it a thicker look like in the photo.

Weave your ribbon in and out along the frame as shown in the picture. I like to start from the base and work my way up. You can glue the starting point by folding the edge over to give a smooth finish, even though it will be at the back of the wreath it will give it a nice clean finish.

Work your way up to the top of the wreath and then finish off the ribbon and secure the same way you started with a fold on the last wire edge of the wreath.

Wrap some twine or rope around the stalk of the pumpkin and secure with craft glue. Finish off your handmade wreath by adding a raffia bow!

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