Crochet Puff Flower Pillow

Crochet Puff Flower Pillow

This puffy flower pillow case is one of the cutest craft projects! Gather all your bright-colored yarns or crochet threads and start making one!

What you need

Crochet yarn or thread
Crochet hook
Pillow case
Hot glue gun



Are you looking for a fun and creative way to add a pop of color and texture to your home decor? Look no further than this puff flower pillow case crochet pattern! Not only is it a cute and playful addition to any room, but it’s also a great way to flex your crochet skills and create something truly unique.

This pattern is perfect for crocheters of all skill levels, from beginners to more experienced crafters. The puff flowers are easy to make and can be customized to any color scheme or style preference. Plus, once you’ve completed the pillow case, you’ll have a beautiful and functional piece of decor that you can proudly display on your couch, bed, or favorite armchair.

So whether you’re looking for a fun weekend project or a way to add a little extra personality to your home, this puff flower pillow case is sure to fit the bill. So gather up your favorite yarns and get ready to create something beautiful!

Chain 6, form a ring and work 12 dc around it. Work a slip stitch and cut off yarn. This will be the centre of the flower.

Petals: Take a different coloured yarn and make a slip knot on it. Draw the slip knot through any one chain of the ring. Chain 1 and pull the yarn out to make it loose (see picture). *Yarn over, pull through the same chain, loosen up the stitches* on hook, repeat *Yarn over, pull through the same chain, loosen up the stitches* 4 times.

Insert hook into the next chain and repeat *Yarn over, pull through the same chain, loosen up the stitches* 5 times. Now yarn over and pull through all loops on hook. Chain 2 and pull through the same chain again. First petal is complete.
Crochet the rest of the 5 petals similarly.

You’ll be suing 2 chains from the ring to create each petal, thus creating 6 petals from 12 chains. When you’re done work a st and cut off yarn.
Create as many flowers as you’ll need to make the pillow.

I had to crochet 25 puff flowers.

Take a piece of fabric and attach the flowers on it using hot glue, make sure that the flowers are adjacent to each other, keeping no gaps between the flowers.

Complete the pillow case.




  1. I just made a bunch of crochet flowers with my antique Crazy Daisy flower maker, Thanks for this idea as I was wondering what to do with them. Pillow would work perfectly.

  2. Elisabeth Neveux says

    Bright, cheerful and easy to do!!!

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