Pizza Tray Scarecrow Wreath

Pizza Tray Scarecrow Wreath

This Fall project shows you how to make a scarecrow wreath using an upcycled Pizza tray.

What you need

Pizza tray
Craft Paints
Wooden Pegs
Felt hat or felt


This wreath is made using a pizza tray as the base. You can pick them up at the Dollar tree or similar stores.

You will need some acrylic paints to complete this tutorial.

Start by painting the base pain onto your pizza tray, this one is painted in a beige color but your scarecrow can be any skin color you like.

Paint the face using the photo here to guide you. A sharpie pen will work great for the fine lines and details.


now it is time to decorate your scarecrow. start by adding the hat this will allow you to see how many pegs you need. Clip the pegs onto the frame or glue them on directly.

Add the straw, the flower and some string and your scarecrow is ready to go.

This image was contributed by Small and Delightful Creations 



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