No Sew Sweater Halloween Pumpkins

No Sew Sweater Halloween Pumpkins

This no-sew tutorial for Fall shows you how to make a pumpkin using upcycled knits. Makes a great recycling project for those old sweaters for a keepsake as well!

What you need

Old knitted pullover, cardigan or Jumper
Rustic string.
Toy filling/ wadding
Felt or Faux Fall Leaves
Cotton or fishing line


For this tutorial you do not need to sew it you can use craft glue to secure the pumpkin.


For this tutorial, we upcycled a knitted cardigan, jumper or pullover. You can get these for a few dollars at thrift stores.

For each pumpkin, you will need 1/2 a pullover, depending on the size of pumpkin you would like.

The larger the sweater the larger your pumpkin can be.

Start by laying out your pullover and using some chalk mark out a large circle. You can use a dinner plate or platter dish as a guide if you feel you can’t draw straight, but as it is an imperfect rustic pattern, I would not be too concerned and just free hand it.

Once you have your circle you will need to cut it out, but you will need to be careful as once you start cutting the “knitting” will begin to unravel. So have the filling or wadding ready for the next step before you cut it.

Cut out your circle and place a handful of wadding into the centre, you could also use the arms, sleeves of your pullover if you are not upcycling them for anything else.  Pull up your circle over your filling to create the pumpkin shape. Add more filling if required.

Using a length of string bind the top to create the stem, do this by not overfilling your pumpkin and drawing the fabric up to the top. Bind it around and around until secure and decorative as shown in the photo.

Using fishing line or a fine cotton wrap your pumpkin groves by pulling the string across the pumpkin from one side to the other, secure it to the stem. this will create the indentations on the surface of the pumpkin.

Finish off your pumpkin by adding a felt leaf or a faux plastic leaf to the stork/stem.


What do you think of this project? Let us know!