Halloween Pumpkin Wreath

Halloween Pumpkin Wreath

This makes a wonderful door wreath that will welcome the neighborhood trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.

What you need

1 medium straw wreath
1 bag natural packaging material (I chose the natural color but you could use orange or black)
Autumn colored silk leaves
White picket fence (you can buy these at Michaels in the wood section already painted or you can paint it yourself).
Halloween inspired wooden black cat or ghost
Miniature pumpkins
Wide wired ribbon
Medium width ribbon
Twist tie
Hot Glue Gun


Take your medium width ribbon and begin to wrap it spirally around the straw wreath.

Make sure to glue the ribbon at intervals for extra security.

Then take two or three leaves and glue those down to the straw wreath as shown in the picture.

Next take a miniature Halloween pumpkin and glue it on top of the leaves.

Take a handful of natural packaging material and hot glue it to the inner part of the wreath.

Once that is secure, glue the white picket fence and Halloween inspired wooden cat or Halloween ghost into the natural packaging material.

Fold your wide wired ribbon accordion-style, holding the center with your fingers, to get four loops on either side. Place your twist tie in the middle and twist it until secure.

Fluff up the loops. Hot glue the ribbon to the straw wreath.


  1. Very Creative
    This craft can be actually be additioned to make the looks

  2. I loved making this wreath. It looks great on my front door and I have received so many comments!

  3. Excellent for the
    Halloween season,
    I am planning on
    making two…

  4. I made two and they both look great !!! A must do!!!

  5. I am going to make this fun looking wreath!

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