Sunflower Pumpkin Door Wreath Tutorial

Sunflower Pumpkin Door Wreath Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create a Pumpkin wreath using a Pumpkin wreath form. Perfect for fall or halloween decorations.

What you need

Pumpkin wreath form
Approximately 35 Sunflowers heads
Craft Glue
Embellishments Ribbon etc.


For this Fall tutorial, you will need a pumpkin wreath base. You can buy them at the Dollar Store as well as the Sunflower heads.  

You can use any type of flower for this tutorial but orange maintains the pumpkin look.

  • Place the flowers into position and glue along the wire. Secure with glue and allow to dry.
  • Finish off by wrapping the stem/talk with green ribbon or rope and adding some ribbon bows to the top.

This photo was contributed by Belen. Thanks for sharing Belen, we love your version of this unique pumpkin wreath!


  1. Melissa McClarney says

    How big is the sunflower head?

  2. Can I buy one. Do you have it for sale

  3. Nancy M Gibson says

    I love this and will be making one…to start with. After I make one, I am reasonably sure I have family who will want one as well. Thanks for the materials list and posting.

  4. Disagree…the tutorial tells you exactly how to make it by gluing your flowers to the wire pumpkin form

  5. Frances Griffiths says

    You could use your imagination. Add a ghost or a bat. Put a witch hat on it. That’s the fun. As you go along you will make one maybe better even though this one is nice

  6. I agree. Tutorial needs more instructions

  7. Sheree Cookson says

    sunflowers are 70% this weekend at micheals

  8. LeAnn Williams Lewis says

    Nice pics and even told where to buy the pumpkin form as well.
    Also said aprox 35 flowers needed.
    I will be trying this.
    Thankyou for posting!!
    Very cute!!

  9. It’s adorable, but the ‘tutorial’ is a little lacking. I could figure out to use a form and glue flowers just by looking at the photo. Maybe include how many flowers and which should be facing forward and which should be tipped would make it more of a tutorial.

  10. Mary Ann Jackson says

    It looks amazing I bought like 4 pumpkin wreath forms n had not clue what to make with it. Dt stop tomorrow for sunflowers

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