Vintage Teapot Sewing Caddy

Vintage Teapot Sewing Caddy

This tutorial show you how to make a cute sewing caddy using an old or vintage tea pot. Makes a perfect gift for your sewing friends!

What you need

Old teapot
4 inch circle of fabric
Handful of filling
Craft glue


Start by creating the pin cushion. This goes under the lid of the teapot. You will need to make a padded pouf to fit into the teapot lid. Obviously every tea pot is not the same so you will need to work out what size you need for your pot.

Cut a circle of fabric 3-4 inches larger than you require it. Then fill with stuffing, cotton balls to create the padded pouf. The firmer it is the better your needles will stay in place.


Tie it off with a rubber band and glue into the lid of the tea pot.

Fill the tea post with sewing knick knacks and haberdashery for an adorable gift.


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