DIY Scrap Fabric Scented Pumpkin Puffs

DIY Scrap Fabric Scented Pumpkin Puffs

This tutorial shows you how to make mini pumpkins for your Halloween or Fall Decor

What you need

Scrap Fabric approx 30×30 or smaller
Toy filling or wadding
Cotton thread
Craft Glue


For this tutorial, we used scrap fabric circles. The size of your circle scrap will determine the size of your pumpkin.

For each pumpkin, you will need a circle.

The larger the circle the larger your pumpkin can be.

Start by laying out your fabric and using some chalk mark out a large circle. You can use a dinner plate or platter dish as a guide if you feel you can’t draw straight, but as it is an imperfect rustic pattern, I would not be too concerned and just free hand it.

Once you have your circle you will need to cut it out.

How to make them scented- Use a small piece of cotton ball or a piece of wadding and add some fragrant oils to them. I like to use cinnamon or pumpkin spice but you can scent yours however you like.

For sewing – sew a running stitch around the outside of the circle, fill with the wadding and draw up to create the pumpkin. Place your piece of scented wadding into the middle.

Use more filling or less until you get the right shape for your pumpkin.

Use a few stitch to secure it closed, but do not cut off the thread. Use this thread to stitch across or over the pumpkin to create the pumpkin indentations as shown in the photo.

For gluing – For the next step you will fill the pumpkin so have the filling or wadding ready for the next step.  I like to secure my pumpkin with an elastic band whilst I glue it closed.

Use more filling or less until you get the right shape for your pumpkin

Using fishing line or fine cotton wrap your pumpkin groves by pulling the string across the pumpkin from one side to the other, secure it to the stem. this will create the indentations on the surface of the pumpkin.

Finish off your pumpkin by adding a felt leaf or a faux plastic leaf to the top. You can add buttons or other remnants.

Whilst any fabric is suitable for these Fall Pumpkins we suggest using prints with an orange tone to highlight that they are indeed pumpkins.


  1. rose buchanan says

    I have some scraps so I want to try something that doesn’t require much experience thank you rosr

  2. i enjoy looking at your projects cause they are easy to make and come out so pretty.
    thank you.

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