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DIY Sunflower Farmhouse Check Wreath

This sunflower wreath is made using supplies from Dollar Tree to create a fun fall or spring door wreath.

Harvest Time Dollar Tree Pumpkin Wreath

This wreath is made using pumpkins from Dollar Tree. This Pumpkin wreath is a quick and inexpensive project for Fall.

Pizza Tray Scarecrow Wreath

This Fall project shows you how to make a scarecrow wreath using an upcycled Pizza tray.

Sunflower Pumpkin Door Wreath Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create a Pumpkin wreath using a Pumpkin wreath form. Perfect for fall or halloween decorations.

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Frame Ribbon Wreath

This Halloween or Fall tutorial shows you how to create a Pumpkin Door Wreath From the Dollar Tree Store.

Crone’s Wreath: Halloween Project

For some the word “crone” conjures up a negative image of an old wrinkled woman with warts on her nose, but for others crone is a term of reverence for the wise woman within all of us. A Crone’s Wreath is not only a stunning and magical seasonal decoration, it pays homage to the crone by embracing the winds of change. No glue, pins or wires are used to put this wreath together. If items fall out and blow away (like youth and physical beauty eventually do), accept the change and look for new gifts to replace them.

Wreath – Pumpkins and Glitter

This tutorial shows you how to make a fall or Halloween pumpkin door wreath. Perfect for Halloween party decorations or Fall Dinners.

Wreath Made With Milkweed Pods

The milkweed Plant is indigenous to the area in which I live—the midwest. I’ve used the dried pods to create lovely wreaths easily & at minimal cost. Only the dried up, spent pods are used so no Monarch Butterflies or their caterpillars are harmed because of this craft.

Wreath – Coffee Filter Flowers

This simple coffee filter flower wreath is perfect for most occasions. Simply change the colors for a theme. Red & Green for Christmas. Pink or blue for baby shower. Red, blue and white for the Fourth of July. Brown and orange for ThanksGiving and fall. Red for Valentine’s Day …

Thanksgiving Wreath

This wreath is very traditional for all of fall and is very easy to make. Learn how to make this Thanksgiving wreath with simple steps.