Create a Beautiful Fall Burlap Wreath

Create a Beautiful Fall Burlap Wreath

Try out this quick and fun fall wreath, using supplies like burlap and cardboard that you might already have at home. Perfect for Thanksgiving decoration as well!

What you need

1) Cardboard
2) Styrofoam
3) Cardstock
4) Craft glue
5) Scissor and x-acto knife
6) Burlap fabric
7) Dry leaves



Step-1: Make the base ring for the wreath out of cardboard and styrofoam. We’re using styrofoam to make the ring thick and cardboard to make the ring firm. I kept the base ring square with round borders.

wreath fall 1

Step-2: Cut a long strip of burlap fabric, long enough to wrap the base ring. You can add string later if needed. Start wrapping the burlap string from any one bar of the square base ring. You can apply glue if you want to but I didn’t. Keep wrapping the burlap strip neatly around all sides. At the end apply glue to keep the strip secure. Cut off extra burlap threads if needed.

wreath fall 2

Step-3: Prepare items for decoration. I used cardstock to make different kinds of flowers. Also collected dry leaves and then painted them golden. Start to glue the items on the wreath. Try to keep a sound combination of the items, do not fill the entire wreath with items. Add the dry leaves and sticks between the flowers. Attach a hanging mechanism to complete the wreath.


  1. Eileen Saunders says

    I love this idea! I didn’t know what else to with my leftover burlap after covering a lot of glass candle jars. Thank you!

  2. To use materials that most people already have at home is a wonderful way to recycle. Also, these are simple to do projects that we all can do. Everyone can have nice decorations for less expense.

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