Hedgehog Art Work

Hedgehog Art Work

This kids craft project shows you how to make an adorable hedgehog kids craft and is great for developing concentration and motor skills.

What you need

thick paper for the body in any colour you prefer
brown paper for spikes
red paper for noses
eyes (can also be drawn on or made by cutting out paper)
glue stick
green paper for grass


Draw a hedgehog on a peace of paper.

Cut out bits and pieces of the brown paper into squares or other shapes.

Cut a round red nose to match.

Give the children a pile of brown “spikes” and depending on the child´s age and motor skills, let them (or you do it) put glue all over the hedgehog.

Afterwards you just let them put on the spikes – easy and the very youngest love it!

I did it with my 2 year old in my kindergarten for father’s day – big success!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!