Harvest Time Dollar Tree Pumpkin Wreath

Harvest Time Dollar Tree Pumpkin Wreath

This Wreath is made using pumpkins from Dollar Tree. This Pumpkin wreath is a quick and inexpensive project for Fall.

What you need

Dollar Tree Pumpkins 

Wreath form

Wreath Mesh   In orange and brown

Embellishment Leafs and Picks


This project photo was contributed by Lexi. O . Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Fall wreath creation with us.

This Fall harvest wreath is so easy to make, in fact, they are so easy and expensive that they make wondeful gifts for friends and family.

Start by taking your wreath form, or wreath shape and decorating it with the wire mesh, The best way to get a full ribbon look with the mesh is to loop it. Create a loop then secure it to the frame with glue, keep doing this as you work your way around the frame, and then do the same thing with the contrasting color.

Use the photo as a guide for the layout.

Finish off your fall wreath by adding the pumpkins and other embellishments, for the pumpkins I like to use strong hot glue , avoid using craft glue on polystyrene as it melts the surface.

This wreath was finished off with a fall-themed pick on one side, you can use the embellishments you have on hand to create your own unique Fall Wreath.



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