How can I use Wood Pallets in the Home

How can I use Wood Pallets in the Home

Wood pallets may look like cheap and ugly wood at a glance, but they are actually very useful. In fact, their rustic and weathered look makes them more appealing. For adult DIYers, it is like unleashing their imagination using Lego pieces. With a little bit of creativity, effort and skill, anyone can upcycle timber pallets into something useful at home.

What you need

Hardware stores and warehouses are the best places to find wood pallets. They often have them in abundance and can sell them for cheap or give them away free. However, one must exercise caution before getting used wooden pallets. Make sure to check if the pallet has a strange smell, stains or appears greasy or wet. If you see these signs, better pass on it and continue searching for a cleaner one.


Since wood pallets are becoming popular home improvement materials, here are some ideas you can use at home:


Floor patterns help give homes a country feel. They are also a growing trend in home design. Although installing wood flooring is usually quite costly, using wood pallets can be a cheaper alternative. Separate all the wooden pallets and sand them until smooth. After sanding the pallets, stain them to bring out their grain. Their colour shade and shine will depend on the stain used. This also adds style and pattern to each wooden plank. Use patterns when installing these pallets on the floor to give character. Wooden floors also add warmth to your home.

Wall accent

Using wood pallets is a great way of sprucing up a wall, giving the room a more rustic edge when it comes to design. Give your wall an uneven stylish look by sanding and whitewashing the wooden pallets. Sand these pallets until they are smooth to the touch. Use white and grey paint and paint them alternately to create a design contrast. Install them on your wall and add a couple of industrial-inspired lighting fixtures. Another great design idea would be a sanded and cleaned pallet wall. It gives your wall a mountain-lodge inspired look. Instead of applying paint, just sand and clean them.

Apply varnish to seal the pallets against moisture and give them a pretty shine.

Bed frames

A bedroom is incomplete without its bed. It is where you recharge at night to get ready for another day. Just like most home furniture, a bed frame can take a huge chunk out of your budget. Save yourself from worrying about expenses and choosing a cool bed frame and create one out of used timber pallets instead. It is cost-effective, requires less effort and you can design it to suit your needs. Made from wooden pallet planks, the headboard supports the bed frame while a wooden carrier supports the mattress. It is very durable, comfortable and comparable to bed frames found on the market today. Use various sized pillows and bright coloured bed sheets to give it a fresh new look and style.

Dining table

Tables, especially dining tables, can be an expensive investment. Since a dining table is an important piece of furniture at home, creating one from wood pallets is an inexpensive alternative. It can also be customised based on the size of pallets to be used. Depending on your dining room or kitchen’s overall design, you can either go for a painted, stained or sanded wood pallet table. For simple and sanded tables, oil or wax are used to seal it from moisture. If you are building an outdoor dining table, apply paint on the table to weatherproof it. Wooden pallet tables are lightweight, making them ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

Chairs and benches

Chairs and benches made out of wood pallets are some of the most common upcycled furniture you can find. You can either create a solitary or two-person chair from standard pallets. A 183-centimetre by 127-centimetre wood pallet can easily produce a chair fit for two people. Wooden pallet benches are also gaining popularity since they are inexpensive to make. They can be modified to blend into your home’s unique style and taste. Moreover, most pallets are made from hardwood, which provides an inexpensive hardwood for home furniture.

Do not be afraid to experiment with wood pallets to create unique pieces for your home. A practical, comfortable and modern piece of furniture need not be expensive. By using recycled wood pallets, you will have a beautiful home interior in no time.


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