Carved Santa Tree Ornaments

Carved Santa Tree Ornaments

Using the supplied pattern, create a Christmas tree decoration that looks like a carved Santa!

What you need

Poster Board
Jig saw
Paint: Red
Metallic Gold
Paint Brushes: small round
White Glue
Glitter Paint
Fine Line Marker


1. Transfer pattern onto typing paper, or photocopy the pattern.

Download the Carved Santa Pattern here.

2. Cut out the shapes on masonite, using a jig-saw, and drill holes in the tops for passing string for hanging.Sand the edges.

For the Optional Method, cut out 5 of each pattern from poster board, and layer and glue them with white glue. When dry, these shapes will be as hard as wood, and will look exactly like wood. After the layers are glued together, check all around the outside edges, and trim any edges that are not even.

After the glue is dry, these shapes may also be sanded with sandpaper, however, it is much easier to trim them with scissors.

Punch a hole at this point, using a map tack, or the pointed end of scissors. (It will take up to a week for the glue to cure to a hard wood like consistency, or you can speed up the process by placing the items in a 200 degree oven for about 20 – 30 minutes.)

3. Cut out the shape for the face and mustache using poster board. Cut out a second shape of the hat band, and glue it over the first one to establish a hat band that sticks out more than the face. Cut out a nose shape, and glue it over the center of the face piece. Then glue the poster board shape of hatband, face and mustache onto either your masonite shape, or the layered poster board shape.

4. Allow the glue to set, then paint. The Diamond shaped Christmas Santa will need only the hat part red, the full-bodied Christmas Santa will need to be painted red for the hat, and the coat. Paint the white hair and beard. Mix white and red paint to obtain pink for the face. Paint the entire face pink. Then add a bit more red for a darker pink, and paint the nose and the cheeks.

5. Add white glue to Gold Metallic paint to make a textured paint, it should be thick. Dab this thick paint onto the hat band, and in the case of the full-bodied figure, along the bottom edge of the coat. Allow to dry, or speed dry with a blow-dryer.

6. When the figure is dry, add the eyes with a fine line marker, and go all around the edges of the face, the nose, and the mustache also. Then add lines for the hair, and the inside the mustache.

7. Paint in the white eyebrows, and dots of white on the nose and the cheeks.

8. When the paint is dry, paint the entire surface with glitter paint. Pass a string through the hole for hanging.

This project was contributed by Emilda Harrington.


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