Wreath – Pumpkins and Glitter

Wreath – Pumpkins and Glitter

This tutorial shows you how to make a fall or Halloween pumpkin door wreath. Perfect for Halloween party decorations or Fall Dinners.

What you need

Cardboard form (10″ or 12″)
Assorted sizes fall leaves (from craft store)
Hot glue
Felt pumpkins and pears


pumpkin wreath

1. Cut from cereal box or anything that’s big enough for a  10″ or 12″ circle with a 2 inch solid base.

2. On a plate before you put the  leaves on the wreath, arrange a pattern with the leaves that you would like to see on the wreath.  You can do it many times until you are satisfied with the pattern.

3. With glue gun ready, start placing the assorted colors and sizes of leaves onto the wreath on the pattern that you decided on. When they are dried, brush the veins on some of leaves with craft glue and sprinkle autumn colored glue to add effect.

4. With the orange and yellow pumpkins and pears, put them in any random pattern on top of some of the arranged leaves.

5. Hang your glittered leaves and pumpkin wreath on a door window or mantel. All done!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!