Fall Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial

Fall Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create a Pumpkin wreath using a Pumpkin wreath form. Perfect for Fall or Halloween Decorations.

What you need

Pumpkin wreath form
Stretch knit Fabric
Craft Glue
Embellishments Ribbon etc.


For this Fall tutorial, you will need a pumpkin wreath base. You can buy them at the Dollar Store .

To begin decide which fabric you want to cover your frame in, this pumpkin has bee covered in white textured knit fabric. You could use old jerserys or t-shirts to create an Upcycled project too.

This pumpkin wreath was wrapped twice as the fabric was light-coloured, if you have a darker fabric you may be able to wrapt it once only.  Secure with glue and allow to dry.

Finish off by wrapping the stem/talk with ribbon or rope and adding some Ribbon bows to the top.

This photo was contributed by Minti S. Thanks for sharing Minit we love your version of the Pumpkin wreath!



  1. Looks good and simple also.

  2. So want to make one or two but our Dollar Tree is always out of the wreath frames !!!!

  3. Silly question, but how exactly is the material tacked to the frame?

  4. Carol Robertson says

    How much stretch fabric do you need?

  5. How do I post the picture of the one I made?

  6. Haven’t made yet but look’s simple & easy I’s so pretty Thank you !!

  7. Love this wreath easy and attractive.

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