Dollar Tree Fall Coat Hanger Wreath

Dollar Tree Fall Coat Hanger Wreath

This Fall tutorial shows you how to make a wreath using inexpensive dollar tree supplies for a Thanksgiving or fall-themed wreath.

What you need

Orange Coat hangers

E6000 Glue 

Fall themed plaque (Dollar Tree)

Zip ties

Fall leaves


Using the photo as a guide you can see the layout of the coat hangers or clothes hangers. It is 12 on the bottom and 12 on the top. Start with the bottom flower first and then the top flower and layer them.

This wreath is perfect for a quick decoration for your porch. Inexpensive to make and great for group crafts with children or adults. you can decorate your fall wreath as little or as much as you like.

You will place all of your coat hangers in the flower design before you begin to use the zip ties. Once the design is in place you’ll place zip ties, loosely, in directed spots but not tightened all the way. Once all zip ties are in place, loosely, you’ll begin tightening the ties to keep a sturdy, stable and neatly aligned flower.

Use the glue to place the flowers and a centre plaque into position.

This photo was contributed by Donna S C. Thanks for sharing Donna, we love it! Such an easy project.


The arrival of autumn means cozy sweaters, brilliant colors, and delicious meals around the dinner table with friends and family. And best of all, it’s time for fall decorating.

Delight guests with a table decorated just for this special season. Not sure where to start? Begin with a tabletop focal point: a fall centerpiece. Pumpkins and gourds come in a range of sizes, colors, and shapes, and they can be used in many different ways to create fun and bold fall centerpieces.

Pumpkin Centerpieces

Pumpkins are surprisingly versatile, and fall is their time to shine. Here are a few ways to incorporate pumpkins into a seasonal fall table.

* Use a pumpkin as a unique vase for fresh flowers. Start by cutting off the top and cleaning out the inside of the pumpkin (just as you would for creating a jack-o-lantern). Then place a glass vase inside so that it cannot be seen. Add water and flowers and voila. Mums work well as they are a traditional fall flower, but don’t be afraid to try something different. Roses combined with bittersweet and leaves is simply stunning.
* Don’t be afraid to play with color. Consider spray painting pumpkins of various sizes and using them as fall centerpieces. Paint them to match the color of your décor. While the color might not scream autumn, the pumpkin will. It can be a really fun way to play with tradition.
* For a totally stress-free creation, try placing very small pumpkins in clear glass bowls or tall cylinder vases. They’re very simple and add a wonderful touch of fall flair to the table. To add some interest, try including pinecones and other natural fall elements such as gourds. Just don’t overdo it – the pumpkins should stand out.
* Feeling creative? Paint a pumpkin white (or use a white pumpkin!) and paint a design on it. Place it on a cake stand or other similar serving dish and use it as a fall centerpiece.

Gourd Centerpieces

* Small gourds are fun to use as candleholders. Find a steady one that will not fall over and hollow it out. Place a glass dish and a tall pillar candle inside (or just carve a hole the size of the candle base and stick it in.). If gourds are too small, use a small pumpkin. Consider adding leaves and berries at the base of the candle. Place a few of them together to create a centerpiece, or run them down the center of the table.
* A simple long white platter is a great place to display gourds. Garnish it with a few leaves, flowers, or fall berries to add some interesting color and texture.
* Find an appropriately sized basket and spray paint it to match your fall decorating color scheme. Place it on its side in the center of the table. Add gourds and flowers for a lovely, homemade cornucopia.
* Like with the pumpkin idea, spray paint a collection of gourds and place them in a bowl in the center of the table. It will create a more streamlined look than having a bunch of gourds in different colors. Add some pinecones spray-painted in the same color for extra textural interest.

Pumpkins and gourds can easily be found in grocery stores and farmers markets during the fall season. Inexpensive and perfect for the season, consider picking some up and trying some of the above ideas. They’ll look great and will add a touch of autumn to the table.


  1. Saundra Horton says

    I need to see how the hanger goes I can’t get my hanger right

  2. Roberta Glassberg says

    Thank you for spider hint to do like spider.

  3. Needs to have a DIY video.

  4. I went back and followed the vague instructions for making the Spider Web coat hanger wreath…spray painted my hangers orange after zip tying them. Let it dry then hot glued my fall leaves on the ends used a few acorns glued to the leaves also. Looks cute.


    where do you find the orange coat hangers?

  6. Debbie Rascoe says

    I am confused as to how to place the hangers.

  7. After doing some comparison I think that it is 3 layers with the hooks cut off.

  8. Joanne morrison says

    I’m lost here

  9. I believe this wreath is assemble the same way the Halloween Spider on is—you don’t see the hanger hook on that one either. Haven’t made but it does appear to be the same. hope this will help. (these instructions are very very vague –actually there are no instructions at all!!!!)

  10. Dee Babiarz says

    Would love to make this but the instructions are too vague, as everyone else stated. Would please provide more detailed instructions?

  11. I figured it out the hooks are laying underneath and you don’t see you when you flip one on top of the other they’re hidden. I am going to make one this weekend and will post how I did it. What it help if the author would post the instruction this is too vague.

  12. Need more info and pics on the layout. Looks like some instructions are missing as there are no hooks showing. Were they cut off or what? Would love to make this but instructions are too vague and seems like it was a copied pic and you are not really sure how it was made. Could you please post the origional site so we can go to it for further instructions if any?

  13. Can’t quite understand the layout of the hangers. Where are the hooks?

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