Bra Evening Purse

Looking to make a statement? Make this bra purse from old bras and go out on town!

Bra Evening Purse

What you need

Hot Glue
Large Cup Bra with Under wire and Padding
Any trim, lace, beads, etc
Large snap or magnetic purse closure.
Needle and thread to match bra.
Clothes pins


Cut bra so the cups are separate from sides.

Remove triangle of fabric holding cups next to each other.

Cut straps off of back, leaving attached to cup front.

On inside of one cup, hot glue dangle trim or fringe along under wire edge.

Glue cups together along under-wire. Back to Back.

Hold with clothes pins until cool.

Glue lace or other embellishments over under wire on outside edge to enhance dangle trim.

Sew strap edges together to form a single loop handle.

Sew or clamp large snap or magnetic clasp on inside of bra where the strap meets the cup.

If stitching or clamp shows on the front, decorate to hide.

Finish evening bag with other flowers, fringe, beads etc. Will hold a cell phone, wallet and keys!

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  1. This is so unique and it is really quite cute. I think I will make one for Breast Cancer. I must now choose white with pink or pink with white…oh the choices are endless!! And it would a cute way to break the ice on a date. “What is that?” Holds up purse “Oh this? It is my Breast Cancer Awareness Bra Bag. Made it myself.” I have D to DD sized breasts so it will be cute, functional, supporting a cause, and roomy ;-)

  2. uuum ok i really suport breast cancer annal but i would not carry THAT around <3

  3. this is a little bit weird!!

  4. Great idea I may try this:)

  5. i LOVE the whole promoting breast cancer thing, cause i do stuff to help all the time, but dont you think this is a little over the top? i mean i’ve had friends who tried this and got laughed at SO much, i mean, carrying a BRA around?! Seriously?

  6. Okay, to the person who said what would you say to someone if they asked why you’re carrying it… you would say “I’m carrying this purse to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.”
    That’s what these bra purses are for. They’re not supposed to be some cute high fashion Chanel handbag. They’re for BREAST CANCER.
    I personally will make tons. (and wear them proudly)

  7. This is so funny! : )

  8. This idea is very unique, i must admit..

    but it also made me laugh irl and can i ask why would you want to carry a bra around?
    Wouldn’t people think you’re a bit bonkers…?

  9. with the wild print bras they have these days who would notice it sounds cute its not like you would use a big ugly white playtex bra!Sounds cute!

  10. What a GREAT IDEA for breast cancer fundraising- great donation for a silent auction! I love the whole “thinking-out-of-the-box” creativity in coming up w/this! It’s ridiculous for people who are on here for creative ideas to get so mad about it! To each their own, but that doesn’t mean you should go around putting down another artist’s ideas! CREATIVITY IS ALL ABOUT CELEBRATING DIFFERENT EXPRESSIONS OF INDIVIDUALITY! Why would you feel the need to DISCOURAGE Someone’s IDEA Of CREATIVITY?!…ESPECIALLY on a SITE LIKE THIS!!!!

  11. I am definitely going to make one! These are amazing! :)

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