Antique Paper Recipe

Antique Paper Recipe

This project is great for aging school projects, invitations or other paper craft projects. Learn to create that antique look!

What you need

Tea bags
Sponge brush


Make a cup of tea with a tea bag and let the bag sit in the tea for five to ten minutes.

Let it cool down and remove the bag.

Gently squeeze the tea bag to get rid of any excess water. Then use the tea bag as a sponge to dab the stain onto your paper.

Alternatively make a cup of strong instant coffee and let it cool down. Paint your paper with the cooled coffee with a paint brush or sponge brush.

Depending on how strong your coffee is will depend on how deep of a stain you achieve.


  1. it looks great

  2. I did this way back in high school for a school paper (a letter the slaves would write to Abe Lincoln). I used instant coffee and baked it for a few minutes…the coffee scent stayed and lasted for quite some time!
    Love it!!!

  3. I really love this antique paper!

  4. Hermitpaws says

    For quicker drying toss in oven at 200F for 4-6 mins or until Edges curl

  5. I wanted to age some maps I had printed. My grandson had seen the tea bag tip on here and told me about it. It worked a treat

  6. i loove this idea

  7. i don’t think that’s a bad idea to use tea and coffee to make the paper look antiqued!! i have to use it for a school project for Social Studies. but please add pictures!!! Thanks

  8. a little vague…especially whan you have to make 30 sheets

  9. Thanks! Used it as a school project. I can’t wait to see how it will turn out!

  10. i think it worked realy well and i’m impresed!

  11. its goodish

  12. hiya… the instructions can be a lil clearer and adding a few pictures would be lots of help. Thanks anyway!

  13. Used this for a college history project, and it turned out wonderfully! I would highly recommend downloading a free calligraphy font, and creasing the paper AFTER you print what you want.


  14. It is good for history projects in school

  15. I used the recipe and got a B+! Mostly because I have sloppy handwriting and I can’t draw!

  16. thanx!

  17. brill for my projet

  18. This is a good idea! To make it seem even more ancient, you can use the papyrus method and criss cross paper strips.

  19. it worked!!!!

  20. …. Or spend a little bit of time in making it and see how it turns out…

  21. pictures please!!!!

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