Bra Evening Purse

Bra Evening Purse

Looking to make a statement? Make this bra purse from old bras and go out on town!

What you need

Hot Glue
Large Cup Bra with Under wire and Padding
Any trim, lace, beads, etc
Large snap or magnetic purse closure.
Needle and thread to match bra.
Clothes pins


Cut bra so the cups are separate from sides.

Remove triangle of fabric holding cups next to each other.

Cut straps off of back, leaving attached to cup front.

On inside of one cup, hot glue dangle trim or fringe along under wire edge.

Glue cups together along under-wire. Back to Back.

Hold with clothes pins until cool.

Glue lace or other embellishments over under wire on outside edge to enhance dangle trim.

Sew strap edges together to form a single loop handle.

Sew or clamp large snap or magnetic clasp on inside of bra where the strap meets the cup.

If stitching or clamp shows on the front, decorate to hide.

Finish evening bag with other flowers, fringe, beads etc. Will hold a cell phone, wallet and keys!

Hosting a Breast cancer awareness event? Check out these Breast cancer lapel pins and Breast Cancer decorations.

Looking for a different version of this Bra purse? Check out the Orginal bra purse we created here.


  1. I hope no one ever carries one of these. Why not make an underwear purse next and decorate it with tampons.

  2. This is so unique and it is really quite cute. I think I will make one for Breast Cancer. I must now choose white with pink or pink with white…oh the choices are endless!! And it would a cute way to break the ice on a date. “What is that?” Holds up purse “Oh this? It is my Breast Cancer Awareness Bra Bag. Made it myself.” I have D to DD sized breasts so it will be cute, functional, supporting a cause, and roomy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. uuum ok i really suport breast cancer annal but i would not carry THAT around <3

  4. this is a little bit weird!!

  5. Great idea I may try this:)

  6. i LOVE the whole promoting breast cancer thing, cause i do stuff to help all the time, but dont you think this is a little over the top? i mean i’ve had friends who tried this and got laughed at SO much, i mean, carrying a BRA around?! Seriously?

  7. Okay, to the person who said what would you say to someone if they asked why you’re carrying it… you would say “I’m carrying this purse to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.”
    That’s what these bra purses are for. They’re not supposed to be some cute high fashion Chanel handbag. They’re for BREAST CANCER.
    I personally will make tons. (and wear them proudly)

  8. This is so funny! : )

  9. This idea is very unique, i must admit..

    but it also made me laugh irl and can i ask why would you want to carry a bra around?
    Wouldn’t people think you’re a bit bonkers…?

  10. with the wild print bras they have these days who would notice it sounds cute its not like you would use a big ugly white playtex bra!Sounds cute!

  11. What a GREAT IDEA for breast cancer fundraising- great donation for a silent auction! I love the whole “thinking-out-of-the-box” creativity in coming up w/this! It’s ridiculous for people who are on here for creative ideas to get so mad about it! To each their own, but that doesn’t mean you should go around putting down another artist’s ideas! CREATIVITY IS ALL ABOUT CELEBRATING DIFFERENT EXPRESSIONS OF INDIVIDUALITY! Why would you feel the need to DISCOURAGE Someone’s IDEA Of CREATIVITY?!…ESPECIALLY on a SITE LIKE THIS!!!!

  12. I am definitely going to make one! These are amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. why do all these negative commenters care so much about what other people think??

  14. I wouldn’t want to walk around holding a BRA!

  15. that would be creepy carrying a bra around and what if someone asked why you’re carrying a bra around

  16. This is a HILARIOUS idea!!! Wow, I am amazed by your ingenuity! If nothing else, your project made me smile. This would be a great team gift for those doing breast cancer walks!

  17. i love it

  18. i think this idea is so amazing. i agree with the others if you dont like it dont make it. cannot wait to make mine.-cassandra

  19. OMG thank you SOOO much for this idea. The girls at work adored the one I made when I took it to work (I carry very little to work with me) I ended up making one of these for a girlfriend who had a masectomy recently and she *LOVES* it. To those who prefer to be negative only: Go play in the street! Clearly none of you are open minded enough to enjoy having fun with what you wear. I plan on making these for our group when we do the Koman Race for the Cure this year ๐Ÿ™‚ (I’ve had requests from ladies at our other offices for these, and since I do a lot of beading I can easily embelish them with anything! whohoo!) Thank you again, these make wonderful and unique bags when you only want or need to carry a few things, or gag gifts for those afraid to use them!

  20. I love this project idea. As with any accessory or piece of clothing, it is something that doesn’t suit everyone – I for instance cannot wear horizontal stripes! But I have a purse my husband gave me that is in the shape of a corset or woman’s torso. And after the original embellishments got ragged, I took them off and added fringe and some beautiful lace. I love it and get a lot of compliments on it. I have no qualms about making a bra purse like this and wearing it out in public! But I also shaved all my long hair off in support of my mother-in-law who is fighting cancer and lost her hair to chemo. I love this project!! Make them, sell them and donate the proceeds to breast cancer research.

  21. If you don’t think it’s cute and you wouldn’t wear it, who cares? Do you go to clothing shops and tell the salespeople there everything you think about their clothes? Doubtful. Really, I thought this spot was for suggestions and kudos, not for airing your negative opinions. I really hope all of you who are this openly negative online are like this in real life – which I doubt. Please, comment only when you have something creative to add so those of us who want to do these projects don’t have to waste our time wading through the comments of those who feel the need to complain.

    Great idea, can’t wait to try it out! Does the glue hold well or should I look at other ways of attaching the cups together?

  22. not cute, I wouldnร‚ยดt wear it.
    It would be more interesting to me to use the fabric of the bra to do something else instead of just having a bra purse I would never be caught dead with.

  23. If you don’t want to wear it, then don’t make it and don’t comment. I think this is a great idea, very funky, very unique. Kudos to those who make it and wear it out. Boo to those offering their negative, completely useless opinions – as if you’re actually going to convince someone to not do this just because you wouldn’t or you think it’s stupid. Please, either be positive or give constructive feedback.

  24. This is an extremely interesting idea. Bras after all come with alot of embellishments these days, why not give it a second life!

  25. What a great idea! I think I might make these and sell them as a fundraiser for breast cancer. Absolutely brilliant!

  26. omg a bra is a bra let it be! this is what u put bras on …….OOits to cover u up not for a bag! more like gag then a bag 00 ) ) 00 )- )-

  27. ummmm…. last time i checked bras r sposed 2 cover up those areas not ur wallet and lip gloss

  28. to the Guest who said “don’t take this on a date unless u want ur boyfriend to dump u” come on, it’s just a gag! lol…..and with the size of MY bra….dumping me would be the last thing on his mind! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s just a cute little craft…no one said you have to make it if you don’t want to!

  29. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! thats the BEST idea EVER!!!!! i made A THONG NECKLACE TO GO WITH IT!!!!! ppl who sed that its really cool to wear somethin like that shud REALLY crawl out from under the ROCK OF STUPIDITY, or might as well wear that bra purse w. matching necklace.
    as a gag, it is 5 stars. but as an ACTUAL EVENING PURSE??? -5

  30. its………interesting, but a complete waste of time! who would even go out with a bra as a purse???? imagine the embarrassment when someone realizes what that really is, taps u on the shoulder n asks, y are a carrying a bra on your shoulder?!?!?

  31. OMW! That is HILARIOUS!! Not that I have any use for it other than that of a gag…Like, for a bridal shower…with a little extra effort put into giving it the ability to be used in it’s original form… ;o)

  32. wow what a cute and funny idea i have never seen a bra bag!!!!

  33. i think its funny but silly

  34. this is pretty weird

  35. Amazing idea! to everyone who says they wouldn’t wear this becaue it would look ridiculous they have no confidence! This is an amazing and brilliant idea!

  36. thats a silly idea as if some one would go out with something like that!!!!!

  37. This bra is hot stuff im a DD so my purse was quite big!!! Its such a Braaa-iliant idea!xx

  38. This would be sooo funny as bachlorette gag gift or making the bride to be carry it around the day before the wedding doing all the last minute stuff or to the bars the night before. Soo funny!

  39. I’m sooo excited this purse is soo beyoootiful that I’m making one for my granny!

  40. I like this site, but I think if I wore the purse in public, it would be social suicide. Sorry! It is not my type and is just disturbing:)

  41. no offense, but there’s NO way I’m gonna wear this ever! It looks like a goose. I’m sorry!

  42. Well!!! I think this is the coolest fun gift to make for your friends B-Day. Thanks for being so creative. Canada

  43. Truly stupid!

  44. I’m sorry, but that’s just gross. A note to others: don’t take this on your date unless you want your boyfriend to dump you.

  45. OMG Who whould want a purses made of a bra!? VERY awkward.

  46. I didn’t like the casual one anymore than this one. What’s next a jock strap purse? Tacky

  47. I’ll be embarrassed if I wear this

  48. This is even more hysterical as the regular one! If I was giving this to my mom, shed laugh, then say, ok, wheres the gift?

  49. What can I say.. very silly, funny, but very very creative and will make it LOL

  50. you don`t wear this to school orr somthing ppl who are critising it. It`s sososoosoooso cute!!!!~ Emily

  51. have a friend who may be getting one for her birthday, and as far as it being “tacky” your just jelous.

  52. This is the coolest idea ever! I cannot wait to make these as gifts for all my girlfriends.

  53. ROFL

  54. i would never carry this around, but if i was like some huge designer, i would sell them. . .

  55. I’ve been making bra purses for several years now, and I find they look much prettier when the straps are removed and then repositioned as regular purse straps. Also, using the back clasp as an cover/latch for the opening of the bra.

  56. You could easily replace the straps with something else and it wouldn’t be so tell tale,that it was a bra.

  57. I definatly prefer more pics. step by step visual is the only way I fly

  58. what good can possibly come from haveing a bra for a purse you can’t even reuse it after because its all sew together. Thats no fun…

  59. I wouldn’t be seen with this if you paid me!

  60. who would walk around with this!? That’s just wrong and disgusting. The bra belongs on you, not as a fashion statement.

  61. this is tacky!!!!


  63. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Why would someone want to walk around using a bra as there purse? Not me anyways. Ugh.. Wow.

  64. are you serious?

  65. I dont like this idea. I for one wouldnt want to carry around a bra purse?!

  66. beatiful site but for me i need more visuals on the building of the purse.. thank u

  67. who in their right mind would actually walk around using this.

  68. i don’t see how this is any different from the other one but i still adore it!

  69. This is so much cuter than the other one, but that one was nice too. I think it looks alot like an actual purse=D

  70. Its a nice idea but the straps do give the game away a little & can ruin it.

  71. i’ve seen this done quite nicely, just get the biggest cup size you can find and make sure it’s lacy, add some frills and ends up looking like a boutique purse instead of a folded training bra.

  72. I’m sorry, this is not only distasteful, it’s just ugly.

  73. We used this as a gift at a bridal and a baby shower — decorated different and added little things to each .. made perfect little gifts .. so cute ..

  74. I made one withe feathers and beads. Don’t know if I have the nerve to carry it, but it is cute

  75. got to make an evening purse, now got to find a pretty bra

  76. ummmmm… yeah

  77. very cool

  78. i love this bra bag its so unique and funky from emma

  79. I don’t think I could pull it off, but I give props to the women who can! It’s cute and maybe a bit tacky, but people, that’s what’s fun about it! Loosen up a bit! Bra strap headbands sell in stores like hotcakes and no one gets grossed out!

  80. i think this is so cute

  81. interesting…

  82. I think the purse is very cute and will make one!

  83. its cute,but i cant really make that since i am still in sports bras..and my mom defientlly wouldnt buy one for me to make…its cute josie

  84. i think its soo cute, i wouldnt walk into school with it though! <3 it!!

  85. i think its great. i no some ppl didnt like it but its so creative. you dont have to wear it out to something serious, more like a party that ppl wud thin its cute!

  86. Gorgeous! I think it looks lovely.

  87. I give you credit for creativity, but I don’t think that I would personally make it.

  88. Very cute, but I could only use it for special events.

  89. interesting

  90. i cannot imagine ANYONE wearing that thing! funny idea

  91. hahahaa

  92. good idea, but personally i couldnt see myself walking into hight school with a bra purse.

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