Rose Petal Napkin Rings

Rose Petal Napkin Rings

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What you need

Cardboard toilet roll tubes
or Plain plastic napkin rings
Dried rose petals.
Craft glue
Spray varnish


This free craft project shows you how to make some romantic rose petal napkin rings for your special occasion.

They can be used for valentines day or for a wedding table setting or other party function.

For this project you can use toilet roll tubes or plain plastic napkin rings.

If you are using the toilet roll tubes cut them into thirds for a nice even sized napkin ring.

You may want to base paint the toilet rolls to give them a better finish. Once the paint has dried proceed.

Using the craft glue coat the napkin ring and then sprinkle or press the rose petals onto the ring. You may need to glue on a few petals individually to fill in the gaps.

Press them down firmly to insure they stay on.

Once the glue is dried, spray each ring with a little spray varnish for extra protection.


  1. love it i think lots of people wil to P.S Mom is having a wedding so this will be nice

  2. Sweet and simple; just the way I like it.

  3. Rose Petal Napkin Rings
    i do like this i wounder if you could use slik flower petals that might work out ok for them who cant get real rose petals or other who cant be arould real flowers
    may you all have a blessed new year in 2009

  4. very cool idea!

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