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Glass Tile Pendant – Basic

This free jewelry making project shows you how to make a glass tile or glass slide pendant using a printed image and some basic jewelry making supplies.

Flower Beads Wreath

For the complete Flower Christmas mood in your house, make some Flower Christmas ornaments by taking the tops off some small Christmas balls and putting them on 25 mm resin photobeads from the Flower Life collection.

Altered Art – Floral Pendant

This jewelry making project shows you how to use resin to create a necklace with printed paper

Altered Art – Cog And Vine Pendant

This tutorial shows you how to use casting resin to create your own Jewelry

Lunch Time Watch

Ok, so how many times do you look at your watch and wonder if it’s lunch time yet? Well now it’s lunch time all the time with this silly recycled food watch.

Basic Gel Candle Making

Candle gel is made with mineral oil and polymer resin. This resin mixed with the mineral oil, transforms it to a more solid yet transparent finish. In this project, you will learn the basics of Gel Candle Making