DIY Enlightened Heart Choker

DIY Enlightened Heart Choker

This button necklace can be personalized by hand selecting buttons that appeal to you. Fun and fast project!

What you need

1 pink-purple 25mm photobead with asters and chrysanthemums
1 crystal heart charm
270 black seed beads
270 mixed red, dark red and pink seed beads
120 small garnet nuggets
3 coils of necklace memory wire 40cm (16″) each
4 silver plated 6mm jump rings
2 silver plated 4mm jump ring
1 round part of a silver plated 13mm toggle clasp (you will not need the t-bar for this project)
1 silver plated lobster clasp
1 silver plated eye pin

Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Wire cutters



1. Make a loop on one end of a necklace memory wire coil. String all black seeds and make loop to finish off the coil. Repeat this with a coil of garnet stones and a coil of red and pink seed beads.

2. Put the coils together and connect the three loops of one side together using a 6 mm jump ring. Use another 6 mm jump ring to attach the lobster clasp to the choker. Slightly twist the coils and connect the loops of the other side using another 6 mm jump ring. Attach another 6 mm jump ring.

3. Attach the crystal heart charm to the eye of the eye pin using one 4 mm jump ring. String the photobead on the eye pin. Using your round nose pliers make a loop attaching the bead to the round part of a toggle clasp.

4. Slide the heart pendant onto the choker.

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  1. i think that the materials needed should be waaaaaay less specific then they are. People dont want to go out and buy special beads for one project.

  2. Cute! U gottza luv it.

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