Flower Beads Wreath

Flower Beads Wreath

For the complete Flower Christmas mood in your house, make some Flower Christmas ornaments by taking the tops off some small Christmas balls and putting them on 25 mm resin photobeads from the Flower Life collection.

What you need

40cm necklace memory wire (1 coil)
3 light green 25mm photobeads with sunflowers, alexanders, chrisantemums and ranunculus
5 or 6 (preferably fake) pine tree branches 10cm to 15cm each
3 golden 20mm Christmas balls
2 red 20mm Christmas balls
1m dark red 5mm satin ribbon
20cm yellow 5mm satin ribbon
20cm light green 5mm satin ribbon
50 cm black 0,3 mm wire

Round nose pliers, wire cutters, scissors


1. Using your round nose pliers make a loop on one end of the memory wire. String three photobeads. On the other end of the memory wire make a loop connecting the two ends of the wire.

2. Arrange the pine tree branches around the wire circle in the way you would like them to be on your wreath. Spread the photobeads on the wire.

3. Cut the black wire in equal pieces, one piece per branch. Fix branches on the wire circle using your black wire pieces.

4. Take the tops off the Christmas balls and remove the wires. Attach a wire piece from a Christmas ornament to the wire circle underneath the branches. Slide the top back on in such a way that the wire stays attached to the wreath. Put the Christmas ball back on. Repeat this with all the Christmas ornaments.

5. Use the yellow satin ribbon to tie a bow on one side of the wreath. Tie one more bow on the other side using the light green ribbon.

6. Wrap the red ribbon around the wreath leaving evenly long ends free on each side. Use the free ends of the ribbon to make a bow on top of the wreath or to create a loop for hanging. Add some holly leaves

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