Halloween Cobweb Wreath

Halloween Cobweb Wreath

Very simple to make, this Halloween wreath will leave a dramatic effect!

What you need

1 med. twig wreath
Autumn colored silk leaves and flowers (I used mums)
Miniature pumpkins
Wired ribbon
Faux spiderwebs and spiders
1 Crow
Hot Glue Gun


I glued down a base of leaves onto the wreath for background color.

I wrapped the ribbon around in a spiral, gluing at intervals for extra security.

Then I laid out flowers, pumpkins, and more leaves, until I was satisfied with the arrangement.

Then everything was glued down.

I stretched the spiderwebs over the wreath, and added spiders. The crow had wires running down from his feet, so I just slid him into the twigs and tied the wires to fasten him.

Well, that’s about it! It’s very simple to make. If you have any questions, or you need betters photos, just let me know.

This project was contributed by Jaymee (boleyn1024@yahoo.com)


  1. Very clever. Just love it!

  2. Awesome! Just need to get my hands on some cobwebs now…. I think i had some over there on the ceiling…..

  3. egyptologist1992 says

    that’s is way cool!

  4. This looks great!

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