Soda Can Treat Holder

Soda Can Treat Holder

Convert an empty soda can into a treat holder in this simple project idea.

What you need

Supplies you will need:

Serrated knife

Sharp scissors

Paper Trimmer

Foil Tape (can be purchased at a hardware or home improvement store)

Scrapbooking paper (cardstock and/or patterned paper)

Stamps, stickers or die cut embellishments

Ribbon, brads, hole punch and any other desired scrapbooking embellishments and tools.


1. Rinse out and dry the can before beginning. Cut the top of the aluminum can off just at the very top to create an opening.

2. Cut scrapbook paper in a 3-inch strip long enough to wrap around the perimeter of the can.

3. Use the scissors to cut 1/2 cuts down the top of the can (only cut down to where the scrapbook paper cover starts) and curl them down to create a border around the basket. Curl by wrapping them around a pen or pencil.

4. Punch two holes in the side of the cans to hold on the handle.

5. Cut a 1-inch paper strip out of a piece of cardstock that is 9-inches long.

6. Fold the tin foil tape over the paper strip to make the handle. Run the foil strip through the paper crimper.

7. Attach the paper strip to the soda can basket for the handle. Use brads to attach the handle.

8. Embellish as desired. Use paper and stamps to make tags or labels for your basket.

Milenna Russell is an avid scrapbooker and a mother of 4 children. She is the author of “101 Scrapbook Tips” published by Lifetips. Milenna is also the scrapbooking editor for and a Close to my Heart scrapbooking consultant.


  1. i really like this

  2. Darling. Love it.

  3. aren’t the little stips that are curled a bit sharp? however, i work with soda cans a lot and i think that they are almost never sharp, soooo, ya. . .

  4. CUTE!

  5. Cute idea

  6. I forgot to give credit to my fellow scrapbooking consultant Yvette West who came up with this original idea. This creation was derived from her idea.

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