Altered Art – Cog And Vine Pendant

Altered Art – Cog And Vine Pendant

This tutorial shows you how to use casting resin to create your own Jewelry

What you need

Measuring Tools
Disposable Mixing bowl or cup
Disposable tools
Watch pieces
Altered Art Pendant Frame
Watch workings
background image


This Altered art project makes a fun and interesting necklace pendant.

Start by selecting a suitable background image, for this project we printed some green vines onto some computer paper.

Cut your paper background out to fit into the altered art pendant frame. Glue the image to the frame using some white craft glue, give the front of the image a coat of glue at the same time and this will act as a sealer so that the ink does not run.

Once the glue has completely dried it’s time to layout your cogs and watch workings. You can buy altered art watch workings from the link below, but alternatively for smaller projects you could recycle an old broken watch by taking it apart.

Once you are happy with the layout, pour a small amount of resin onto the top of the pendant, allow it to settle into the corners before blowing out any air bubbles with a straw.

Once it has set add a chain, ribbon or beads for a beautiful modern altered art pendant.

For complete instructions on casting with resin read these Basic resin casting techniques

Here are our favorite supplies for using resin when casting,  Casting Resin
Disposable Mixing cups , Silicone resin molds, Items for Embedding

Jewelry supplies for this project can be purchased from


  1. Curious Mortal Ghost says

    Where did you find your clear resin?

  2. This looks so fancy, I would wear it to the prom

  3. hi… where do you purchase the jewelry peaces… not the watch… the pendant.

  4. Alnastra says

    It’s a great idea. You could also change the background image to a photo and make it a type of locket…. I have never tried something like this but it sounds awesome!

  5. how does one blow out bubbles with a straw?

  6. So prettyyyy!!!

  7. secretsoto says


  8. this is so cool!

  9. I have seen these for sale and am now so excited to know how to make my own!Thanks so much

  10. I think the pendant is cool

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