Lunch Time Watch

Lunch Time Watch

Ok, so how many times do you look at your watch and wonder if it's lunch time yet? Well now it's lunch time all the time with this silly recycled food watch.

What you need

Watch straps
Food Magnet


It actually tells one time, which is FOOD time.

I used recycled watch straps which were actually cut off from an old watch. I simply trimmed the ends and then hot glued them onto the resin food magnet.

You can take the magnet off the back of the resin food if you like, but I believe there are some acupuncture points in your wrist which help with joint pain, nausea and headaches.

SO you could actually leave it on.


  1. I doubt hot glue would hold up to any serious use. Maybe an epoxy instead.

  2. i love it, i think it’s cute!

  3. how will we know what time is it???

  4. It’s a cool idea, but it looks a little to simple.

  5. Well, I think its really cool and a fun twist on lifes annoying questions

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