DIY Coffee Table Rustic Stamped Books

DIY Coffee Table Rustic Stamped Books

This tutorial shows you how to make your own stacked rustic books for your coffee table decor.

What you need

Old recycled books
Acrylic paints
Raffia Ribbon or string
Small sprigs of flowers
Letter stamps


This tutorial shows you how to make a stacked pile of rustic farmhouse style books. You can find similar designs in Anthropologie and Pottery Barn.

For this project, you can use recycled and upcycled hardcover books.   Choose books that look nice stacked together, smaller ones on top. You may wish to have one book per family member and stamp their names on the side instead of quotes or sayings.

For this project, you can use large letter stamps or letter stickers. 

Start by preparing your books, remove any stickers or loose covers from the books. Cover them in a base color (cream) and then add some aging by using darker cream or browns. I like to dry brush my colors, by adding paint to a large flat brush and then removing most of the paint to create a dry brush. Then build up the color by applying more and more strokes until I am happy.

IF you do not wish to paint the books, you can simply wrap them in paper that way the books are not damaged and can go on to be re-read in the future.

You can use a solid color if you wish also.

These books make wonderful centrepieces for Rustic weddings and can be made by kids as Mother’s day gifts too.

This photo was contributed by Deborah from Deborah’s Wreath Creations who is a member of our Facebook Christmas Crafts group. 

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