Love Coupon Booklet

Love Coupon Booklet

This Valentine's day craft project shows you how to make a love coupon book for gifts. This is also perfect as a coupon book for a boyfriend.

What you need

2 sheets red or pink cardstock
Glue stick
Hole punch


1. Print free printable love coupons from The Craft Cafe. You can use the pre-printed coupons or the blank coupons.

2. Cut out the love coupons.

3. Mat the coupons on pieces of cardstock that are slightly bigger than the coupons so you can see the edges of the cardstock around the coupon. Glue coupons to cardstock.

4. Make a hole with hole punch in upper left hand corner of each coupon.

5. Thread ribbon through holes created with hole punch and tie ribbon in a bow.

6. Give love coupons to someone you love! Enjoy!

Free printable love coupons from The Craft Cafe.


  1. this is cool i will love to do this for my boyfriend he will love it . this will be the great thing for us to do.i think people should do this more offer than it will help them bond together

  2. kinkyyyy!

  3. Making these for my fiance for Valentine’s day this year!<3 Love!

  4. Great idea I even saw a few on TV where did the idea come from

  5. I thought that this was a very good idea.. im a senior this year and i am mentoring.. i thought that this was perfect for a 4th grade class!

  6. Love them made them for my ex boyfriend and my anniversery last year. You can also use cards that you can buy from places and put cute little inside jokes and stuff on them. Cool.

  7. love it!

  8. Making these as a tag to go with a little bag of chocolates.

  9. I absolutely love this. Ive seen it before but had actually forgotten about it! This will be used as a Christmas present! Thanks for reminding me!

  10. I loved it im gunna make it for my sitter!!!!She is awasome!

  11. great kid ideas!

  12. i really liked the idea…gonna use it for my boyfriend

  13. loved the idea…going to do this for my boyfriend

  14. very good idea for younger children….

  15. I loved the idea…where is the The Craft Cafe??

  16. Just make it out of any old paper–doesn’t need to be this.

  17. catwidgreeneyes says



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