Recycled China Junk Angels

Recycled China Junk Angels

This tutorial shows you how to take recycled pottery and sea glass to create recycled angels.

What you need

Broken China / Pottery

E6000 glue

Sea glass

Oval wood blanks

String for hanging

Flat Gems



For this recycled project, you will need some broken pottery. You can also purchase printed plates from a thrift store and break them into pieces.

You can use a Dremel drill with a sanding bit on it to smooth out any sharp edges. Alternatively, you can use a fine grade sanding paper and do it manually.

The wings are made using shards of sea glass.  You can purchase the glass or find it on the beach if you look hard enough. These Angels would look lovely with spoon wings too, if you wanted to create it all with recycled items.

Once you are happy with your layout you can glue them into place. I suggest using the E6000 glue as it has a great bond when working with different textures and surfaces.

This photo was contributed by Linda B R. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Angels Linda.

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