Dollar Tree Halloween Tea Light Candle Holder – Jack O Lantern

Dollar Tree Halloween Tea Light Candle Holder – Jack O Lantern

This Halloween craft tutorial is made using inexpensive items from the Dollar Tree to create a Halloween Jack o Lantern tea light holder. perfect for Halloween decorating.

What you need

Candle stand

2 rubber toilet plungers (dollar tree supplies)

Krylon flat red paint 

Spray Adhesive 

Krylon clear varnish

Cinnamon powder

Exacto knife

Heat source for heating the knife

E6000 glue

Battery Lights


This amazing craft idea comes from Audrey O, She created this Farmhouse Halloween tealight candle holder using items from the Dollar Tree. Thank you so much for sharing your design Audrey.

You can substitute any of the items for what you have on hand for a similar effect.

Start by taking your toilet plungers and placing them together to create the base of the Jack o Lantern face. Then cut the design out.  This is done by cutting into the rubber using an Exacto knife. One should have the eyes and the other one the mouth. For children, you could use a sharpie to draw this on and not use the tea lights.

To cut your face, you can either draw the design directly onto the plastic or draw it onto some paper cut around the outline.

Once you have your face in place, the next thing you need to do for your Halloween tea light candle holder is to layer it all up.

Using the E6000 glue for strength, but you can use hot glue or craft glue. Place the plungers on top of each other as shown in the image, and glue them together.

Paint the candle stick black or any other color you choose.  Then glue the pumpkin plungers to the top of the candlestick.

Allow any glue to dry before painting.

Paint your lantern in a rich red, you can also opt for a dark orange rust paint or even silver.

The tip to getting the rust effect is sprinkling the wet paint with cinnamon powder. The little brown flecks resemble rust bubbles on your tin. Once dried coat with clear varnish.  Finish off your design with some raffia on the top (to cover the plunger handle hole) and a small paper kraft tag.


What do you think of this project? Let us know!