Paper Clip Bookmarks

A very simple 2 step project that is perfect to do in groups like scouts and camps!

Paper Clip Bookmarks

What you need

Paper Clips. (Coloured or Simple).
Beads or Fancy Buttons.


Step 1: Take the paper clip and simply add the button with strong adhesive.

Step 2: Let it dry for sometime and enjoy the beautiful paper clips as bookmarks or simply as an ornament on your notebooks!

Paper Clip bookmarks



  1. Toni Mosley says:

    Love it! Great idea to use when working with arts & crafts for kids. So easy and a great way to encourage kids to read more! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this project its sooooooo cute and its very easy and fast

  3. What a wonderful, simple but effective and pretty idea. Great job

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