Owl Flip Flops

Owl Flip Flops

Turn your flip flops into something interesting - like an owl!

What you need

1. Flip flops
2. Felt, you will need 4 colors or more, it’s up to you
3. Ribbon
4. Scissor
5. Gel pen. You’ll need it to copy a pattern to your felt but please, don’t use a marker because the result will not be clean
6. Glue gun
7. Needle and embroidery thread
8. Beads or small button (only 4, for your owl eyes)
9. Card stock or paper to make a pattern
10. Dacron or cotton


STEP 1: Make the doll

1. Using the photo below as a guide. Draw a template on the cardstock and cut it out.it will be better if you can make it symmetrical

owl flip flops pattern

owl flip flops pattern

2. Cut out your felt using the templates. 4 pieces for bodies, 2 pieces each for belly, eyes, beaks, and wings.

* TIP: You can copy the pattern to the felt with gel pen before you cut it.
3. Take 2 pieces of ‘bodies’, sew with a whip stitch or folk art stitch but don’t forget to fill it with cotton.

4. Put the wings, eye and feet. Use hot glue gun to do this.

owl flip flops 2

1. Take the ribbon, then wrap your flip flop. Use hot glue gun to help you wrap it.

Finally, put on your owl above 🙂


  1. Sooo Cute! Can’t wait to try it.

  2. LOL my BFF would love this! I’m gonna make these for her b-day now 😉

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