Clay Tree Christmas Ornaments

Clay Tree Christmas Ornaments

This Christmas craft is perfect for making personalized tree ornaments for a large group of family members, friends or classmates.

What you need

Air Drying Clay
Letter stamps
String for hanging
Greaseproof paper or freezer paper
Cookie cutters
Rolling pin


For this tutorial, you will need Air Drying Clay. There are lots of different brands out there but I have been using Das airdrying clay for over 20 years and I just love the quality of it.   These clay designs have been made using letter stamps but you could use a sharp skewer or pencil tip to draw or write in your design.

Roll out your clay and cut your shapes, follow the instructions on your brand of clay for the best results.

You can use lace, ribbons and texture mats to create the imprinted designs as shown above.  Use a pencil to create a hole in the top for the hanging ribbon.

Allow to dry and attach a ribbon.

This project was contributed by Rosemary . O she is a member of our Facebook Christmas Crafts Group. Thanks for sharing your project Rosemary.





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