Invisible Ring

Invisible Ring

This project is almost too easy, but it does look great especially with a lot of the bohemia styles coming in to fashion.

What you need

Fine Clear Elastic Cord
10mm Bead



This simple yet stunning accessory adds a touch of elegance and simplicity to any outfit. Whether you want to wear it casually or for a special occasion, an Invisible Ring with a sparkling zirconia bead will surely turn heads.

To begin, gather your materials: an elastic cord or thread and a beautiful zirconia bead. The elastic cord should be thin enough to create a comfortable fit and strong enough to hold the bead securely in place.

Start by threading the zirconia bead onto the elastic cord. Take a moment to appreciate its shimmering beauty as you slide it onto the cord. Once it’s in place, it’s time to measure the elastic around your finger.

Carefully slide the elastic loop onto your finger and adjust it to find the perfect fit. Remember that the ring should be snug but not too tight, ensuring both comfort and security. Take note of where the elastic overlaps and mark it with a marker or a small piece of tape.

Next, carefully remove the elastic from your finger, making sure not to disturb the position of the marked area. Lay it flat on a surface to make the next steps easier.

Now, it’s time to tie the knot. Place the elastic cord on the marked line, ensuring that the knot will be as close to it as possible. Holding the cord securely, tie a firm knot. You may want to double-knot it for added security. Take a moment to admire the simplicity of the knot and how it will keep the bead in place while remaining invisible.

Once the knot is tied, it’s time to trim off any excess elastic cord. Use a pair of sharp scissors to carefully snip the excess thread, ensuring that you leave just enough to maintain the integrity of the knot. Take care not to cut too close, as this may cause the knot to come undone.

With the excess thread snipped off, your Invisible Ring is now complete! Admire the delicate simplicity of the design, allowing the zirconia bead to take center stage. Slide it back onto your finger and revel in the beauty of this elegant accessory.

The best part about the Invisible Ring is its versatility. It pairs perfectly with any outfit or occasion, whether you’re dressing up for a glamorous evening event or adding a touch of sparkle to your everyday style.

So, go ahead and create your own Invisible Ring, showcasing a dazzling zirconia bead that will captivate everyone’s attention. With just a few simple steps, you’ll have a stunning piece of jewelry that embraces the beauty of minimalism and elegance. Wear it with confidence and let your fingers shine with this effortlessly chic accessory.




  1. Thank you for this pattern. I love it. I have a question that maybe someone can answer. Does the knot show?

  2. wow this was super easy and i love them they look so simple yet add just the right amount of bling to an outfit!!!!

  3. I don’t like this project very much. I would not wear this. You can see the white line where your finger is not getting blood which makes your finger look very… plump. The elastic is too tight. I know you can fix that but considering that the elastic is clear you will always be able to see the white line. Not very flattering. Nice try, though.

  4. lncraftgirl says

    Very interesting idea!
    Sounds fun to wear…imagine the comments! XD

  5. This is so cool and scary.

  6. Cool!

  7. cool idea 🙂

  8. wow…i want something i can take my time on. thanks anyway!

  9. It looks so easy! and cool. But you can still see it a bit.

  10. it’s very simple 😀

  11. I didn’t like it that much but I think it could look cool!

  12. secretsoto says

    i love it

  13. eww!!!

  14. aww how cute and resourceful

  15. i think it will be fun to try!

  16. 2 cute, 2 simple, 2 perfect!

  17. It’s really invisible.

  18. I can see this ring perfectly fine, thank you.

  19. i just used that magic elastic string =]

  20. it looks spectacular as a toe ring, you can find invisble thread at dollarama!

  21. Great idea, I liked its easiness, I made tons!

  22. If its easy.. it’s easy.. I like it Cool idea.

  23. hmm nice but it should be more tricky!;)

  24. I couldn’t fing any invisible thread!!

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