DIY Paper Beads

DIY Paper Beads

Make some colorful paper beads using paper clips and construction paper!

What you need

Paper Clips
Construction Paper
White Glue
Ear wires
Clear nail polish or mod podge
Beads optional


Cut construction paper so that it is slightly shorter than the paper clip.

Apply white glue to the paper, and roll around the paper clip, making sure that the paper clip protrudes out the 2 ends. (This is a flat bead.)

Allow to day. When totally dried, brush with clear nail polish or mod podge. In this photo, glittery nail polish was applied.

To make the earrings shown in the photo, add several beads to a head pin, and attach to the bottom of the paper bead.

Attach ear wires on the other end.

Copyright © 2014, M. E. Harrington

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  2. You can see a video how to on how to make these beads here:


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