Wooden Rustic Angels

Wooden Rustic Angels

These Rustic Angels are adorable and simple in design and simple to make. Perfect for religious crafts or Christmas time.

What you need

Small Polystyrene ball
Wood offcuts
Craft Glue
Card stock
Tissue paper


This tutorial shows you how to make rustic Angels, they are perfect as a keepsake for those grieving loss or for Christmas time.

You will need small ofcuts of wood or branches. We have used square wood and round branches for these designs.

You can make them larger by using larger polystyrene ball.

Use a drill to drill a hole into the wood, use this hole to glue in and secure a length of wire.

For the wings use cardstock cut to shape, You can add texture by glueing tissue paper onto the cardstock. Optionally you may wish to paint the wings gold or silver.

Place the ball onto the wire and secure with glue.  Finish off with a halo made from green twine, raffia, moss or ribbon.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!