Hello Mr. Easter Sock Bunny!

Hello Mr. Easter Sock Bunny!

This tutorial shows you how to turn a baby sock into an adorable Easter Bunny Craft Project. This Easter bunny is perfect for popping in to gift baskets.

What you need

Baby sock – We used a fluffy white sock
Embroidery thread and needle for face or felt
Toy stuffing  to fill sock
Needle and thread



Start by taking your sock and turning it on to its side. You will need to cut down the middle to create the ears. Do not cut too far or you will have too small a head.


Once it has been cut, you need to stitch the ears closed with sewing stitches. If you have craft glue you could use glue on the edges. You will need to stuff the ears with filling.

Next using the embroidery floss stitch the face into position. The face should sit right in the middle of the heel.

Continue to fill the bunny and close up the bottom with more stitches. Use a rubber band or a ribbon in the centre to create the neck.

Finish it off with ribbons.

This Easter bunny is perfect for popping in to gift baskets or for a small child. (stitched only)




  1. Wry cute instructions really easy to do love it

  2. very cute. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Jeretta Bliss says

    very cute. it looks like an bunny.

  4. How did yo get the nice rounded part in between the ears?

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