Sugar Cookie Favors

Sugar Cookie Favors

These make a lovely wedding favor.

What you need

Metal Cookie Cutter
Printed tags


You can change the shape of the cookie cutter to match your theme. As an example if you have a beach theme, use fish shaped cutters or flower shaped for a summer wedding.
Take the cookie cutter and attach a small card with this recipe attached. You can either display them on the tables as they are or bundle them up into a piece of tulle with personalized wedding ribbon.
You could also attach your own saying like “Cut out for each other”.
Attach Poem:

Recipe for a Happy Marriage
4 cups of love
2 cups of loyalty
3 cups of kindness
4 cups of understanding
a dash of faith
5 tablespoons hope
a pinch of forgiveness
a dash of thoughtfulness
1 barrel of laughter.
Take love and loyalty and mix thoroughly with faith.
Blend in kindness and understanding then add the hope.
Sprinkle with laughter.
Garnish with forgiveness and thoughtfulness.
Bake with sunshine.
Serve daily in generous helpings.

*You could add a small bag of cookie mix to this favor or a jar of mix *
If you don’t have a printer then how about getting this recipe done by a calligrapher, and then photo copy the amount of copies you need from the original.


  1. i made a card and add the poem they loved it and( i cry )

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