Starburst Flower Hair Clips

Starburst Flower Hair Clips

This recycled craft project shows you how to make adorable flower hair clips using Starburst wrappers.

What you need

5 Starburst wrappers (per flower)
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue (optional)
a hot glue gun
buttons, beads, or single earrings
hair clips


You can also use these for embellishing gifts, hats and any other crafty items.

1. Fold each Starburst wrapper in half hot-dog style. Gather the open end, the top should be curved, and twist bottom to keep shape. It should now look like a petal. Do this to all wrappers.

2. Place each petal with twisted end in center. Apply tacky glue to ends and press together until they all hold (waiting until the glue dries, just a couple minutes, helps). You should have a center less flower.

3. Using a hot glue gun, glue a button to the center of the flower. Your flower should look similar to the ones pictured.

4. Still using the glue gun, glue the flower onto the hair clip. Put it in your hair and strut your stuff!


  1. I adapted the instructions slightly, but now it looks fresh, fun and funky! Great, thank you!

  2. This is awesome, I am going to make a dozen in different color patterns. Woot!

  3. This is such a cool idea! Love it!!

  4. CheerSparkle615 says

    This is really easy to make and it looks soo cute!

  5. very cute, but i had some trouble folding the starburst wrapper

  6. I really don’t understand this… The “Gather the open end, the top should be curved, and twist bottom to keep shape” part confuses me, and usually I am pretty good on figuring things out.

  7. liz_fierce says

    hotdog style = longways.

  8. sorry but this made no sense to me…….. and starburst wrappers are square so either way works lol

  9. Cute! But what, exactly, is hotdog style?

  10. love it for my project

  11. cute, but not very practical. Wouldn’t last very long. and directions weren’t quite clear enough on how to fold the wrapper, would have done better to have had some step by step photo’s.

  12. nice and very bright, too

  13. love it

  14. super cute

  15. This is the perfect thing for me to make for my BFF! It’s sooo cute!

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