DIY Air Fresheners

DIY Air Fresheners

This project shows you how to make your own air fresheners using gelatin.

What you need

Water 1/2 cup
2 small jars or 1 large jar
2 packets of gelatin
1 T salt
color dye
fragrance oil


In a sauce pan add 1/2 cup hot water.

When that comes to a boil stir in your gelatin.

Mix till dissolved.

Add your 1 Tablespoon salt, 1/2 cup cold water and color dye (7-10 drops).

Mix well.

Put into your jar.

Then add in your fragrance. Stir with spoon.

Let sit 2-3 days… do not refrigerate.




  1. This project works beautifully, great idea for any holidays…or any other special occasions when you give out gifts.

  2. love this project. Thanks.

  3. Great idea! I just made my first batch to try it out for Christmas gifts. Thanks!

  4. a Fantastic idea & so easy I will certanly try this

  5. Fantastic idea! Does anyone know how long the scent lasts for?

  6. Love this idea. I was looking for a fresh new idea for Gift Baskets. This fits the bill perfectly. Although I knew the answer, my boyfriend asked me, do they mean the jello gelatin? its already scented isn’t it?
    I said, well it doesn’t specify in the instructions here, but I am sure they mean the KNOX UNflavored Gelatin. Sounds Perfect. But maybe someone can specify that in the ingredients list. <3 Angel

  7. Definately have to try this.

  8. jalnurse says

    Can you use the candle and soap fragrance oils?

  9. I just love the freshener..Have made different ones for the different bedrooms and each childs room smell of THEM… one boy and 3 girls.

  10. Love this! smells and looks so gorgeous!!
    have to make this!!
    Sana xx

  11. This sounds fantastic, can’t wait to try it. Will certainly save money over the expensive ones in the store.

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