Elegant French Clips

Elegant French Clips

Decoupage your way to making these elegant clips

What you need

Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue
Krylon Clear Glaze
Florist Wax Tissue Paper or Scrapbooking Paper
Oval Plastic Barrette Tops (2in X 4in)
French Clips (3in)
Jewelry Wire or Filament
Hot Glue Gun
Paint Brush


  1. Start by making your decoupage. I use approximately 2 teaspoons of Tacky Glue to 2 teaspoons of water. Place the mixture in an air tight container to keep mixture from drying when not being used.
  1. Use the Oval Plastic Barrette Top as a template and cut tissue paper or scrap-booking paper about .25 inches larger than the oval barrette top.
  1. Place paper over the oval barrette and brush the decoupage mixture over the top of the paper. After saturating the paper with glue, fold the sides onto the underneath of the oval barrette. Brush glue along the edges of the folded paper.
  2. Once paper is completely dry spray on the Krylon Clear Glaze (according to instructions). Allow to dry 24 hours.
  1. After glaze is dry you can begin to embellish the front of the barrette. I like using jewelry wire and beads. Secure all wire with hot glue on the back of the barrette.
  1. Give your barrette a finished look by placing felt on the back-side of the oval barrette; then attach your French Clip.

Tips – For Craft

  • Instead of making the decoupage you can buy it. I, however, have never had good luck with decoupage. It seems to get dry on the edges and small granular sand-like clumps get into the glue.
  • Make sure to follow the instructions of the glaze. Be very careful not to use in cold temps. or it will give it a crackled finish.
  • I use a florist wax tissue paper. Regular tissue paper is too thin and tends to tear when using.


  1. So pretty! These look almoat exactly like mother-of-pearl…love it!

  2. This is paper? It looks like shells or something. This is beautiful. I can’t believe that it is paper. thank you

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